A place to publish peace

Crickets chirping…water burbling…sun is shining. Thanks for joining us here on Keithley Creek. It’s always a beautiful day when the light of truth shines.

Getting started with your own book is like standing on stage for the first time. Kind of scary, with mixed expectations and a somewhat altered sense of reality. Some things are a lot clearer in hindsight, of course, but real life doesn’t work that way. If you are looking for support as you navigate this path, well, let us know how we can help you. With your manuscript in hand, we suggest organizational, spelling and grammatical changes. You make the final decision. We proofread, do layout and organize printing, according to your wishes and our experience. We can help with marketing, although you will need to be active in that process.

Keithley Creek Press started in 2016 as an independent publishing company. Writers, historians and musicians can get bogged down in the printing and marketing processes. We are here to walk through the publishing process with you, providing skilled art, editing and formatting support, facilitating printing and marketing  to help you build your audience and organize, refine and attract your market.

Located in rural Idaho, Keithley Creek Press is dedicated to publishing peace and truth to the world via up-to-date web capability and experience.


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